Speed Boaty

The year is 1984... Miami is a hotbed of speedboats, inexplicable marine ramps, sharks, and cruiseships...

The Ocean Is A Dangerous Place!

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Rad Features

World Generation

Speed through a new procedurally generated world of ramps, fishing boats, cruiseships, sea monsters, sharks, lighthouses, jagged rocks and more every time you play! Have your own epic 80's action movie moments!

Unlock Boats

Start with your trusty speedboat, and unlock all the other awesome boats. The super funny ones you'll want to share with your friends! Can you unlock them all before your friends do?!


You can choose to play the game without seeing any ads or spending any money if you wish. Completely optional In-App Purchase to buy new boats and Rewarded Video Ads to get more gold coins. Enjoy the game in your own way!


How do I unlock more boats?

Play several games of Speed Boaty and you'll soon start collecting a bunch of coins. Once you have 100 coins or more collected you'll see a "Win a boat!" banner appear at the end of your game, and you'll unlock a random new boat by tapping that!

Where can I see all my boats?

Just tap the boat button to see all your unlocked boats, and a peek into what boats you are yet to unlock!

What do the "Free Gift" counting down numbers mean?

As you play more games of Speed Boaty your scores keep accumulating to progress you towards a free gift of a bunch of coins! The "Free Gift in 123" message is telling you how many score points you have left to accumulate until your next gift.

Need to ask a different question or report a bug?

Feel free to hit me up on twitter @littleredsail, or you can drop me an email at support@littleredsailboat.com with your support query or bug report and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks


Game Information:

  • Game: Speed Boaty
  • Launch Date: 12 July 2018
  • Developer: Matt - sole Indie Game Developer at Little Red Sailboat.
  • Website: https://speedboaty.com
  • Platforms: iPhone/iPad and Android

Trailer Video:


Speed Boaty Logo


Contact Developer:

  • Contact Matt through @littleredsail on Twitter
  • or via email - hello@littleredsailboat.com

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